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[MD/Sep] Epidos - Flame Sword(Centauroid Gem)
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Sep.3rd. to Sep.23th.2010.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product
  'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
bingy(11-03-20 16:29 /
i was wondering can i still buy epidos the human doll
Kelsey(11-01-19 09:46 /
Wonderful Modify Delete 
I love centaurs. Very very much. The body is magnificent, muscular and appropriately proportioned, but the fact that he has a horn like that was the reason I didnt buy him. It just looks weird. Any other style of horns would have worked so much better than a unicorn. Ram horns would look stunning!
The fact that you have a "Centauroid Gem" section makes me very excited! I sincerely hope you do make more Centaurs with different heads! <3
chessapphire(10-10-23 01:35 /
Anatomy Modify Delete 
I love the idea and I love both the equine body and the human face—it's only unfortunate that the two bodies don't add up anatomically at all. The equine body has the skinny, long-legged look of a yearling, and the human torso just towers over it! Ideally, a standing human's head would be about level with the equine's withers, but here the torso alone stands almost that tall. But still, I love this guy and hope to see improvements on the future centaurs :)
jenkat(10-09-07 15:03 /
Gorgeous body, shame abbout the head Modify Delete 
Soom, you did such a wonderful job with your Centaur body, so much better than similar sculpts by certain other companies out there... its such a shame about the head on this boy... he looks so plain. Please tell me that thhe fact you now have created a "centauroid gem" category means that there may be some more options to choose from in the future.
justme(10-09-05 08:55 /
Whoa.... Modify Delete 
female version please! Please please do like you did with Chalco and Coquina and make a female, this would be my dream!
Heaven(10-09-05 04:28 /
Amazing!! Modify Delete 
i hope i can get him!! what skin tone is he?
KireiX(10-09-04 06:38 /
Will there be posing pictures? Modify Delete 
Will there be more pictures of him posing?
Laying Down
poses showing his full articulation

Were any stands used in any of the pictured poses?

Can he rear up on his hind legs?
aprillee(10-09-04 04:32 /
Horse sculpt is wonderful.  Man part is so handsome.  They look BEAUTIFUL together!  I love the resin colorS!  And hair tail is perfect.  If only ordering period was not so short...!  He is worth the money, but it is a short time in order to save.  *sigh*
But congratulations on making another fantastic creation!!!!
Azumi(10-09-04 04:28 /
Hmm. Modify Delete 
He's really stunning, I love his face sculpts. But I just don't understand the unicorn horn. It reminds me ALOT of Heliot, and centaurs dont have uni-horns. I was kinda expecting him in fantasy resins too. BUT nonetheless he's beautiful. Not quite my cup of tea but he's very well made!
Avery(10-09-04 03:41 /
So pretty Modify Delete 
He's really stunning. ^^ His uni body is amazingly detailed and a must have. I just wish it was an option that you can buy either head or both for whatever body you pick. Being forced to buy the uni head for the uni body or forced to buy both bodies to get both heads is making it hard to decide on what to buy.

I hope to see more Centauroid Gems in the future with fantasy resin. I know there's a big group of us who'd swarm for some purple, blue or black resin boys like this beauty. XD
Elebuu(10-09-04 03:04 /
Oh... wow... Modify Delete 


...*flawless*. My mind is literally blown, SOOM. Bravo!
Lucidity(10-09-04 01:19 /
For me, Soom has "captured a mytholical vision" in their EXOTIC artistic accomplishment!  Fluid blend of masculinity & feminity with graceful and capable elemental lines.   
I can only imagine the inspiration, will and effort involved in Soom taking their visual perception to production of Centauroid. 
Several options available, all are gorgeous. 

I wish everyone could see this!
Kateness(10-09-04 00:17 /
Well Modify Delete 
Great job as usual, soom, your horse body sculpt is still AMAZING, and he's a very beautiful man, but doesn't he seem a little, okay a LOT, out of proportion? Most centaurs, the human part is the size of a human, obviously, and the house part the size of a horse, so if a human was riding the centaur they'd be about the same height as the human part. If that's the case here, The 'horse' half is more like a pony. Way too small. If I were to buy him, I'd mod the horse part to fit an MSD size torso, or maybe something even smaller. Anyway, both halves are beautiful on their own, but to me there's a significant size error. Oh well. I know some people won't mind and will give him a loving home, just not me.
Angel(10-09-03 23:28 /
Amazing! Modify Delete 
Soom he's really amazing! Thank you again for splitting up the doll in so many option boxes that we can pick and choose exactly what we want. (And for labeling prices so that people can't over price things in splits! lol)While he is wonderful, I'm really excited that I don't need him because I'm already paying on three of your dolls right now! ^^ You did a beautiful job, and I hope that you'll release another of his kind because no where does it say that the centaur parts are limited. (And I don't want people to whine about that. ^.~) I'm gonna hold out for that male naga/snake that I know you're gonna give me one day. And again, absolutely stunning work! ^^
sugarcoated(10-09-03 23:25 /
Gawddddd Modify Delete 
He is so amazing xwx; And what a gorgeous head sculp too! I must admit, I've disliked a lot of the SuperGem MD heads, but this face is gorgeous! 

I won't be buying him because I'd want the human head and centaur body. I don't like the centaur head and don't need the human body, sooo... yeah xwx;
Thorn(10-09-03 22:22 /
;O; Modify Delete 
WHYYY!!! Why dont i have the money! Whyyyyyy ;O; *starts singing on the streets*
Ihsara(10-09-03 22:09 /
Just awesome!!
Is perfect!!
In my opinion, the only thing I'd like to say, is that it can be great if should be the option to buy the both heads
I love centaur version, but is too much large for me T__T
I'm really in love of the special head, that ears, horn.... and it'll be great if there is the option to buy human version and special head, than other MD, were had both heads
Is there any posibility to make this? Can we buy both heads??
Soom, thank you very much to create this incredibles dolls ^^
Naranja(10-09-03 20:04 /
One of best MD´s
In my opinion is one of best MD´s
He is stunning ,I love it but I need the female versión ;)
nekopoy(10-09-03 20:02 /
OMG Modify Delete 
Soom. You. Are. Evil. !!!

You gonna kill me lol
HorrorVacui(10-09-03 19:43 /
WOW Modify Delete 
Soom, it´s a really fantastic artwork!
You´re amazing!
That work should really be honoured! He´s FANTASTIC!
Belkis(10-09-03 19:15 /
He's a GREAT! Soom, you are the best ^_^
babychan80(10-09-03 19:07 /
He's amazing!!!!!
Clarissa(10-09-03 19:04 /
Beautiful Modify Delete 
Bella and Bygg Daddy!

He's definitely my top dream doll.
I love him!
Brighteyes(10-09-03 18:45 /
OMG O____________O
he is just perfect, i love him!!!!!!! >///////////////////<
Belkis(10-09-03 16:51 /
OMG! Want to see other pics ; - ) Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^
123(10-09-03 15:08 /
SOOOM Modify Delete 
Magicbunny(10-09-03 13:25 /
Centaur... or? Modify Delete 
I'm not sure where this sculpt is going, but I must say, just based upon what I've seen so far (the doll looks beautifully horse-like and motile!), Soom has a piece of artwork here. As a company they're growing in ways that never fail to impress, from the tiny (like Mixi and Nenad) to this marvel of ball-jointed-design, somehow there's always a pleasant surprise. I eagerly await the big reveal on this masterpiece!
Marluxia(10-09-03 12:53 /
sooooom Modify Delete 
There is a lot of people not sleeping and waiting for the release...please be more humane Soom...we REALLY want to see him!
Maybe just one more picture?
Ehryn(10-09-02 22:14 /
Oh dear... Modify Delete 
Soom. You. Are. Evil.

If those legs are compatible with a human female body, then I may, just MAY need to pawn everything I own.

I love how different this doll appears compared to the other centaurs I've seen ^_____^ Not that I'm a particularly good judge ^^;
lunaria1(10-09-02 20:33 /
more pics please!!!
Please, we're dieing to see more pictures!!!!
Ruby(10-09-02 09:27 /
OMG!!! Modify Delete 
The details are amazing O__O and the joints is fantastic
I can't wait to see more pic but sadly I won't be able to
buy one coz for sure it'll be over the budget :(

Please soom make us happy by releasing a cute tiny version
that we could offer.
NorthsFallenAngel(10-09-02 04:51 /
Wow, its so pretty! This is deffinatly one that I am going to get as soon as its available :)
Reiyuu(10-09-01 17:11 /
Niiiiice! Modify Delete 
It's nice to see a ball jointed horse body sculpted to be correctly structured. The detailing is beautiful and I hope his head/humanoid section is as beautiful as the likes of Sard.

Well done Soom. :)
justdont(10-09-01 11:17 /
Wow. Modify Delete 
I'm sorry, but Soul Doll's Chiron isn't even in the same category as this teaser. The joints and muscle structure of this sculpt are so much more defined and seemingly functional/positionable. And as far as Soom goes, their portions are normally spot on, so I don't think that the head is going to be too small for the body. We'll just have to wait and see.

And besides, Chiron isn't anatomically correct. . . lol
Kelly(10-09-01 11:08 /
More hooves Modify Delete 
Looks like Soul Dolls Chiron to me.
Megan(10-09-01 05:06 /
Centaur? Modify Delete 
I hope this is a centaur and it means that a Teenie Gem version is to follow!!  I can't wait to see more pictures of Epinos!
jagwebbie(10-08-31 22:20 /
Oh, my god! These teaser photos show such detail! I've seen other dolls with horse legs, but never all  four legs... And I have never seen nicer horse legs!

I think you're going to make me spend more money, Soom! ^_^
Can't wait for more photos!
mechakal(10-08-31 10:02 /
Chollima Modify Delete 
Personally I'm hoping for a Chollima aka Thousand Mile Horse
Lula78(10-08-31 08:46 /
Nope, not tired of hooves.... Modify Delete 
.....this goes beyond hooves! Everyone is guessing that it's
a Centaur but I would be sooo happy if it was also a complete
horse, probably just a dream but that would be amazing!!!
But either way Soom you've gotten our attention XD
Dunizel(10-08-31 07:45 /
Hooves... Modify Delete 
Novae, personally love them and looking forward to the rest of this mythical wonder!!!
Novae(10-08-31 05:59 /
lol Modify Delete 
Anyone sick of hooves yet?
JenKat(10-08-31 04:56 /
Wow... what amazing joints Modify Delete 
One of the best jointing systems I've seen on an equine-type sculpt to date - whether horse or centaur... and  that musculature! If this is a Centaur boy he will be truly unique when compared to other companies' similar concepts.
Dunizel(10-08-31 04:00 /
Ahhh :0 Modify Delete 
Byakko~~well lol, I did not look close enough did I?  Thank you...Very nicely done!
Byakko(10-08-31 03:37 /
=) Modify Delete 
Dunizel, I think the primary sex characters between his hind legs are pretty obvious, take a closer look.)))
BrokeBrook(10-08-31 02:25 /
. . . .<3 Modify Delete 
oooh crap. There goes all my savings. The joints look beautiful! Ooooh can't wait for more pics!
ymglq(10-08-31 01:34 /
Incredible Modify Delete 
This makes me so surprised, SOOM of new works.
He is full of fantastic colors, like a guardian of the best, this is a special existence.
But I will not meet him, and I look forward to the next doll.
FoxFace(10-08-31 01:34 /
Woah!!!! Modify Delete 
Holy fuuuu~

Soom, you amaze me... seriously I can't wait to see more pictures!!!

fransyung(10-08-31 01:29 /
oh no oh no oh no... T.T Modify Delete 
i have no money anymore. oh please no... T.T oh please let me afford this one. please... argh... *dies* you can't... do this. look at those joints! look at those hooves! FOUR HOOVES. A HORSE. CENTAUR. and i'm broke... (_ _)~
icesnow(10-08-31 00:03 /
WISH Modify Delete 
Dunizel(10-08-30 23:54 /
Centaur...or Kentauride Modify Delete 
Is it a Centaur or "Centaurette"...a Kentauride, I wonder!
Fabulous either way!  Please make a mini gem version too~please~please~please!  Soom, you are magically delicious!!!
chyna(10-08-30 21:36 /
Without words OO
yay *.* that looks really amazing *.* a centaur.. i will be waiting impatiently to see it in full.. also.. if it was a only a horse i would buy it U.U.
lizjayliz(10-08-30 21:27 /
I am in awe from what I see so far...the sculpting is beautiful & the joints are done so well! I look forward to the time when I can view the full doll.
jean(10-08-30 19:34 /
Ahhh D:! Modify Delete 
I already SOOO want this doll xD

I second what Rabiruchi said :D (ith the deerlike woman) that would be great :D
oldmagician(10-08-30 18:36 /
From what I can see, I am amazed.
And probably my economy will go down the drain, but this is what I have been waiting for a lovng time.
nekopoychan(10-08-30 17:03 /
OMG, Is it Centaur ?!???
Can't wait to see full picture ><
Sara(10-08-30 16:41 /
WOW!! Modify Delete 
O.o OMG, this month release is amazing I love the body
it has so much details.

I wish you'll release a tiny version of it <3
please soom make it true and we will love you more and more <3
brighteyes(10-08-30 16:22 /
O__O Modify Delete 
Oh God dear Soom, you did it again, what a surprise, a horse, Pegasus maybe,or a Centaurus, well i do not know, but it looks amazing, i can not wait to see more >.<, thank you very much for working so hard and for your wonderful work^^
Rabiruchi(10-08-30 16:03 /
HELL YEAH! Modify Delete 
FInally... a Centaur with a horse part that actually LOOKS like a horse *_*

My dream of having a big boy like this is comming back to life XDDDDDDDDD~

What about a famale "Deer like" centaur? would be SO cute ><~
haru(10-08-30 16:01 /
as always, good work!
this is really something nobody would expect. bravo!
if he's a centaur, i wonder if he has option parts: horse head, human half body and human legs, so we can choose if we want to have a horse, a centaur, or a normal human doll or both.
please also offer mane and tail in fur/hair, not only sculpted resin!
looking forward to see the rest of the pictures!
Rozga(10-08-30 15:44 /
I love the joints, what little we can see.  I can tell you guys really studied the horse body^^ 

Just have to say one thing.  He better come in many color options!
And please say there will be a female ><  She should totally have a tummy XD
Kateness(10-08-30 15:36 /
OMFG. Modify Delete 
As the title says.
SelkieLikes(10-08-30 15:19 /
Oh Soom...Lord of the Dolls... Modify Delete 
Best Teaser Ever!  Please post more pictures.  All grey, male or ~dare I say~ female?  I would buy it without a head!
Shinzo(10-08-30 15:02 /
FUCK YOU SOOM! Modify Delete 
I will have sell my soul to the devil now!
mpariah(10-08-30 14:57 /
Wow! Modify Delete 
I am really excited for this!  Thank you Soom for listening to your customers' wants!
Mechakal(10-08-30 14:52 /
Is it a pony? Modify Delete 
Dear Lord of Everything Dark and Evil,

Remember ages ago when you tried to tempt me with bucket loads of money etc etc etc for my soul?

That still stands right?

Maybe yours
namine(10-08-30 14:48 /
lol Modify Delete 
sugarcoated(10-08-30 14:25 /
Centaur? Modify Delete 
OMG OMG Beautiful x___x; I hope he's not tooooo expensive. Soom dolls already cost more than most dolls on the market as it is. But OMG... centaurs are awesome XD
JustLula(10-08-30 13:56 /
OMG!! Modify Delete 
That was my reaction when I saw your Epidos teaser picture!!!!!!
This is soooo amazing!!!! I can't wait to see everything....but I cringe
at what he's going to cost. But he (?) looks beautiful even with just
one picture. And the joints look wonderful!! I can't wait for his full
release :-)
VENX(10-08-30 13:46 /
._. Modify Delete 
Oh wow.
This looks like it's going to be fantastic...
I think I may end up needing this.
Gunter(10-08-30 13:23 /
CENTAUR Modify Delete 
Omgosh please tell me that that is a centaur, and for my birthday month.  I want more pictures noooooow
DObry(10-08-30 13:23 /
WOW!! Modify Delete 
I can see why the release was late! this must have taken a lot of work!! Beautiful!